Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Camphor Oil: Uses And Multi Dimensional Properties

Camphor is an extract of Cinnamomum Camphora a plant family and is waxy, white, transparent and terpenoid partially crystalline substance with strong aromatic odor. Also known as true camphor these are toxic in nature and used in vapor therapies for lung disorders. Yellow, brown and white camphor are the three fractions in which this Camphor Oil is produced. White one is among the three is used for vapor therapy because of its clear and fresh smell while the other two are used for aromatherapy because of carcinogenic and toxic nature.

Camphor Oil
Camphor Oil

It has various medicinal uses as well are extensively used by the people of Indian sub-continent for religious purposes. To be noted, one should keep the white oil away from the homeopathic treatment as well as pregnant women as it may lead to skin irritation problems.

Some of The Beneficial Use of Camphor Oil:

Camphor oil is used both as anti-bacterial as well as antiseptic solutions for curing wounds and disorders. Known to be wonderful relaxant it helps in calming depression and nerve disorders in patient. One can also use this for gentle massage that will help in reliving sore joints and muscles thus acting as a remedy for pain. As good for skin it is used as a constituent for beauty and skin care products offering acne relief. Homemade soap made out of Camphor Oil can be used for preventing the spread of bacteria thus clearing the skin marks. It is also good for heart as it helps in increasing the heart resistance promoting improvement of blood flow and blood circulation.

Camphor Oil Uses
Camphor Oil Uses

However, it is used for various medicinal purposes and treatment therapy for cold, coughs, arthritis, bronchitis, depression, gout, fever, flu, infections, muscular aches, inflammation, oily skin conditions, nervous tension, rheumatism, shock, sprains and their related pains. Last but not the least it can also be used as insecticides, stimulant pesticides and decongestant.

It's Vital Use As A Cure For Hair Fall:

If you are suffering from hair fall because of fungal and bacterial infection then using this oil will be very effective. Besides acting as an antiseptic solution it also plays an important role in fighting with viruses and fungus so as to prevent hair fall and grow nourished and healthy hair. Because of its anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory property it is used for fighting with dandruff and other scalp related problems. Thus one can get this oil from any reputed medical stores at affordable rates as it is famous for its essential properties.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Fenugreek Leaves Benefits and Uses

Fenugreek is often considered as an annual plant and it belongs from the family of Fabaceae. It has leaves which often consists of three small obovate to that of oblong leaflets. It is often cultivated as a semiarid crop.

Fenugreek Leaves
Fenugreek Leaves

Fenugreek Leaves Benefits and Uses in Indian Cuisine:

Fenugreek leaf is often regarded as one of the main component which is more often used in most of the Indian cuisine. In some dishes it is used as an herb, where as in other it is used as a spice, and vegetable. Often amber colored fenugreek leaves are mostly used in most of the Indian dishes. Some time it is also used in sambar or as panch phoron in Bengali dishes. Often it is roasted to reduce the bitterness and enhance flavor of it. In various Indian curries use of this leave is prevalent. The seed of this leave is often used as part of salad.

Apart from this in various Turkish cuisines it is used as paste often known as Cemen which helps to make preparation like Pastirma. On the other hand in Persian cuisine this leave is used one of the key ingredient of ghormesh sabzi. Last but not the least it is often used in popular cuisines like aish merahrah which is regarded as staple food of Egypt.

Fenugreek Leaf
Fenugreek Leaf

Fenugreek Leaves Benefits in Providing High Nutrition:

Fenugreek leaves or Methi leaves contain huge nutritious value while eating it. It contains almost six grams of carbohydrates, around four point four gram of protein, phosphorous contain of it is around fifty one gram, iron contain is around two gram. Last but not the least calcium contain of this leaf is around three hundred ninety five gram which makes it highly nutritious in contain and help to treat numbers of human illness.

Fenugreek Leaf Uses in Human Health:

Fenugreek Leaf or Methi Leaf is often regarded as one of the key ingredient of herbal medicine especially for the treatment of harmful diseases like diabetes. It often solves problems like that of stomach upsets, loss of appetites, gastritis problem, affect on heart health, and that of arteries problem. Alongside this it also helps in controlling problems like that of high blood pressure. It also helps in controlling problems of high cholesterol, and problems like triglycerides. Apart from this it is also used for controlling kidney ailment or problems like vitamin deficiency diseases like beriberi, mouth ulcer boil, and bronchitis trouble.

Other than this it is also used to control infection of the tissue benefits beneath the surface of the skin, problems of chronic coughs, chapped lips, baldness, cancer and lowering of blood sugar in people who suffers from problem of diabetes. Also it treats and cures problems of people who suffer from hernia or erectile dysfunction. In addition to this it is some time used as poultice that is when it is wrapped in cloth and applied directly to treat skin problems, or local pains and swelling. Often it is used to treat problem such as muscle pain, swelling of lymph nodes, and pain in the toes.

In conclusion it can be said that Fenugreek Leaves is regarded as one of the key ingredient which is often used to make products like soap, and cosmetics.  Often it is eaten as a vegetable.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Frozen Vegetables Are Easy To Obtain And Prepare

With the advent of modern technology human life has become more like a rat race. One hardly gets time to look after oneself. Whenever it comes to the shopping of daily needs, many people prefer to shop in a bulk so that they do not have to purchase for days or even in a month. This is why there is an ever increasing demand of foods like frozen vegetables that stay fresh for days when kept in the refrigerator.

Frozen Vegetables
These foods retain their quality for days and are perfect for consumption even after weeks from packing. Most of the supermarkets all over the world sell these types of foods and hence consumers can buy these vegetables anywhere in the world without much hardship and at affordable prices.

Frozen Vegetable

Frozen vegetables are in no way different from other vegetables. They are harvested and grown in the same way as normal vegetables. The only difference is in packaging. Frozen vegetables that are available at supermarkets are generally packed and supplied by big food companies. However, at present several smaller companies are also entering the business providing quality products at much lower prices.

The packages are printed with the date of package and a probable date of expiry. Though the frozen vegetables remain consumable even after the date of expiry it is advisable to check the date before buying. Frozen vegetables are generally sold in rectangular boxes or bags which are priced according to the weight of the vegetables.